Emirates announces temporary restrictions on travel to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and South Africa…

As international travel plans continue to change, Emirates Airline has updated its temporary flight bans to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and South Africa, while Denmark prepares to once again welcome flights from Dubai.

Flights from Dubai to Denmark resume

The ban on flights from Dubai to Denmark will be lifted today, following the temporary suspension of flights into Copenhagen.

The UAE Embassy in Denmark took to Twitter to remind travellers of the entry requirements, saying “All passengers must present a negative Covid test no older than 24 hours before boarding a flight to Denmark.

“Upon arrival they are required to be tested and subsequently isolated for 10 days. The new rules will take effect from 7 Feb to 28 Feb 2021.”

Temporary restrictions on flights to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

According to the latest Emirates Airline travel update, “Emirates will not accept non‑Saudi national passengers on flights from Dubai to Saudi Arabia, until further notice.” Exemptions will be made for diplomatic passport holders and health practitioners and their families.

From February 7 to 20, “Emirates will not accept non‑Kuwaiti national passengers on flights from Dubai to Kuwait.” Exemptions apply to first‑degree relatives of Kuwaitis, domestic workers travelling with Kuwaiti sponsors, and domestic workers registered on Belsalamah platform.

Suspension of flights from the UAE to UK

The travel ban on flights from the UAE to the UK remains in place, until further notice. The UK placed the UAE on its ‘red list’ on January 29. Last week, Emirates announced that it would be offering one-way repatriation flights to UAE residents and citizens who are currently in the UK.

Extension on suspension of flights to South Africa

Emirates has extended its temporary suspension of flights into South Africa until February 28, “in line with recent government directives that restrict the entry of travellers originating from South Africa, into the UAE,” according to the Emirates website.

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