Horror, action and plenty of thrills await at the cinema… 

If you’re looking for thrills this weekend, head on over to the cinema as there’s plenty of options to leave you on the edge of your seat. For some family time, there’s one cool animation out this week that the kids will love.

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Here are the new films to watch in cinemas this week 

Shock Wave 2

When a bomb goes off unexpectedly during a police operation to disarm it, Poon Shing-Fung, a bomb disposal officer gets caught in the blast and looses one of his legs. After deciding to leave the police service, police suspect Poon of being involved in several bombing attacks. Poon can hardly remember his past and even his own identity due to amnesia but sets out on a mission to find out the truth.

Starring: Andy Lau, Ching Wan Lau, Ni Ni
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller (15+)
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In order to stop his bad dreams, a young boy steals a dream catcher from a mysterious neighbour forcing his family to rescue him from a dangerous entity.

Starring: Radha Mitchell, Henry Thomas, Finlay Wojtak-Hissong
Genre: Horror, Thriller (15+)
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A pregnant woman finds the past flooding back in terrifying ways when she returns to her childhood home to spend time with her estranged mother.

Starring: Julia Ormond, John Bach, Cohen Holloway
Genre: Thriller (PG15)
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This movie is a modern take on the classic tale of Oliver Twist. A chance encounter with a gang of grifters led by the charismatic Dodge sees Twist caught up in a high stakes heist to steal a priceless painting for a master thief, Fagin, and his psychopathic business partner, Sikes.

Starring: Michael Caine, Lena Headey, Raff Law, Rita Ora
Genre: Thriller (PG15)
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The resort Island is as beautiful as a paradise. It almost makes people forget that it is located in the ‘Ring of Fire the world-famous Pacific Rim volcanic belt. Chaos soon erupts when the once dormant volcano starts rumbling. It’s a battle with nature to get off the Island while destruction rains down on the mountain.

Starring: Bee Rogers, Alice Rietveld, Xueqi Wang
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller (PG13)
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Earwig and the Witch

A headstrong orphan discovers a world of spells and potions while living with a selfish witch.

Starring: Taylor Henderson, Vanessa Marshall, Richard E. Grant
Genre: Animation (PG)
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