Including a requirement for a negative PCR test…

A 61-page circular from the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT) has set out a framework for reintroducing live events to the capital.

Part of this structure involves a requirement for audiences attending an event to show a negative PCR test result obtained within 48 hours of entry.

There was also an upwards revision to private beach and pool capacities, which will now be permitted occupancy of up to 60 per cent.

The main event

The DCT circular includes a section on the categories of event permitted.

Excitingly both indoor and outdoor entertainment events in the genres of live music and comedy performances, stage shows, all-day festivals, carnivals, beach events, festive markets and more will be given the greenlight to resume. These will be capped at 30 per cent of venue capacity (among other restrictions, such as mandatory audience and organiser PCR tests).

Business events such as trade exhibitions, conferences and conventions, workshops, seminars and training sessions will also be permitted to resume at 50 per cent of venue capacity (among other restrictions).

A series of event rules

The circular states: “Live experience are permitted to be held in multiple indoor and outdoor venue types including a.) fixed seated venues such as indoor arenas, theatres etc. b.) non-fixed seated venues such as public spaces, hotel ballrooms, restaurants, outdoor arenas c.) non-seated venues such as malls, subject to approved layout”

In the event planning stage there is a requirement for a full and in-depth risk assessment; for there to be a chain of accountability for ensuring public safety; and a need for sign off by all relevant authorities.

At the event screening is required by thermal cameras or handheld Infrared thermometers. Anybody with a temp of 37.3º and higher, as well as those exhibiting flu-like symptoms will be immediately quarantined.

Capacity level for the event areas must be calculated as one person per 4sqm, the same goes for exhibition stands.

Seated events should have group sizes capped at 10, and maintain spacing between groups at a minimum of 2 metres. Staff and contractors should also observe a social distance of 2 metres.

Non seated events must follow the same group and spacing restrictions.

Masks must be worn by event staff, contractors and attendees at all times. Except when eating.

To avoid crowds, visitor-flow management systems must be implemented.

A comprehensive list of cleaning and santisation protocols must also be followed.

The shows must go on

There are strict rules for the entertainers themselves too including:

Singers, speakers, poets, musicians, comedians and the like will need to be tested before they can return to work, and then PCR tested periodically once every month. They’ll also need a pre-performance check for signs of illness.

If performers are able to maintain a distance of 4 metres from their audience or are separated by a perspex screen, they’ll be permitted to lower their mask during the show.

Group entertainers should also observe the 2 metre social distancing rule, and should face the audience, not eachother. The sharing of instruments, equipment and microphones is also prohibitted.

Dropping the mic is ok though. As long as it’s you that picks it up.

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