Did we miss any?

After a few months of hardly any celebrity action in the UAE, we’ve started to spot a few famous famous around town again. As lockdown restrictions ease around the world, these celebs couldn’t wait to jet off to our warmer clime.

So if you’re wondering who to keep an eye out for around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, here are all the celebrities spotted in the UAE recently.

Naomi Campbell


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Noted as being one of the first supermodels, British actress and activist Naomi Campbell is in Dubai at the moment. Sharing a snap of herself riding a camel in the desert, she captioned an Instagram post with simply ‘Thank you Dubai’. It’s not yet clear whether she’s in town for business or pleasure, or how long she plans to stay.

Conor McGregor

World famous MMA fighter Conor McGregor is back in Dubai with his family, staying at Palazzo Versace Hotel. The fighter also shared a video on his Instagram Stories leaving a UFC gym in Dubai to a crowd of young fans hoping to get a snap with him.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith (and possibly Will Smith) are in Dubai staying at Bulgari Hotel & Resorts Dubai. The actress posted a few photos on Instagram, mentioning her visit to the Middle East, but eagle-eyed fans were quick to recognise the balcony design as belonging to Bulgari. Will Smith was last spotted in Dubai in February 2021, so it’s highly likely he could still be here with his wife Jada.

Amir Khan


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British boxer Amir Khan and his family have been in Dubai for the last few months. Amir recently posted about buying his dream car and a holiday home here in Dubai. He listed the location of the house as Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City- District One.

Lindsay Lohan


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Actress Lindsay Lohan has been spending a lot of time in Dubai over the last year, where she has a home in the Downtown area. Before the pandemic, she divided her time between here and New York City, but the last few months has seen her travel less and less.

Natalia Barulich

American-Croation model Natalia Barulich is currently on Dubai working on several content projects. The model shared a snap of herself at the new Address Beach Resort to her 3.6 million followers.

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