Hello summer, we haven’t missed you…

Have you been feeling the heat this week? It’s not just you. Temperatures have soared into the high forties and don’t show signs of dropping back down until later in the week.

The National Centre of Meteorology reported that yesterday, May 23, the highest recorded temperature was 49.1°C in Dubai. It looks like more of the same today, with the highest forecasted temperature set at 49 degrees Celsius.

On Tuesday we can expect the weather to be fair in general with some low clouds appearing over the east coast, and hot during daytime reaching the mid-40s. A freshening wind is forecasted to be blowing dust, at speeds of up to 35 kilometres per hour.

Wednesday May 26 will be fairly similar, and yet even more wind reaching 40 kilometres per hour. The sea is expected to get quite rough later in the day so take care if you’re headed to the beach this week.

Thursday will be mostly fair, but dusty at times. The good news is the temperatures are expected to drop a little. But, it will be humid on Thursday evening and Friday morning, and strong winds will be blowing dust and sand, reducing visibility.

Over the weekend we could see some mist and fog caused by the humid mornings, but this will be mostly in the coastal and internal areas.

As always, take care in times of low visibility, when driving on the roads becomes more dangerous.