Stay in the know about the latest rules…

While it certainly feels that Dubai has achieved a ‘new normal’ and things are mostly open, it might surprise you to learn that there are still some things that are not allowed.

Serve yourself at a buffet

Buffets are being served ‘canteen-style’, with staff to plate up your choice of items. Guests are not permitted to touch the utensils and must stand in a queue with two metres between each person.

Ride in the front seat of a taxi

Cars are still limited to a maximum of three people, unless they are family. This means that regular taxis can only carry two passengers, or bigger taxis can carry more, but passengers can not ride in the front seat next to the driver.

Dance in a restaurant, bar or nightclub

Bars and nightclubs have reopened, but are required to have table seating. If you’re at a restaurant with live entertainment, you might be tempted to get up and dance, but this is still forbidden.

Sit in a group at the cinema

Cinemas are still running at reduced capacity, and customers are only able to book tickets in blocks of two. This means that if you’re in a group of three or more, you will not be able to sit directly next to each other. There must be a gap of two seats between each set of two seats.

Host more than 30 people in your home

For a wedding at home, you are allowed to accommodate a maximum of 30 people, so long as you follow all of the precautionary measures.

Walk around without a face mask

Face masks are mandatory in the UAE, and can only be removed when sat down at a table, to eat, or to swim. If you’re walking around at a restaurant, beach club or other venue, you must put your face mask back on.

Sit at a table with more than 10 people

Restaurants can now host up to 10 people at the same table, but groups of more than this number will be split across two or more tables. At coffee shops, the maximum number of guests per table is six.

If you’re unvaccinated, there are several more things you’re unable to do in Dubai.

Sit at a bar

Bars were recently permitted to reopen, ‘provided all customers and staff have received the Covid-19 vaccine’. Guests can also choose to sit up at the bar in a restaurant, if they can prove that they have been vaccinated.

Attend live events

Fans and spectators will be able to attend sports events provided all attendees, participants and staff have received a vaccine. The attendance capacity for these permitted events should not exceed 70 per cent. The maximum attendance allowed is 1,500 people for indoor events and 2,500 people for outdoor events.

Carry out certain jobs

To be able to do certain jobs in Dubai, you’ll need to be vaccinated. For example live performers should be vaccinated, bar staff, events staff etc.