You could burn more than 750 calories in a 45-minute session…

When it comes to fitness in Dubai, we doubt that cult fitness brand F45 has escaped anyone’s notice. The world’s fastest-growing functional training community was born in Australia and, over the past few years, it’s been taking Dubai by storm.

The ‘F’ stands for ‘functional’, because the exercises in each class mimic everyday movements, like lifting, squatting, pushing, pulling, kicking, jumping, and so on. ‘45’ refers to the time duration of each class. The workouts are ‘designed to unify the muscle groups of the body and to make you look, move and perform better in all aspects of your life,’ according to the website.

f45 hiit

Soon, Palm Jumeirah residents and visitors will be able to get a slice of the action as, in September, F45 will be opening a brand new studio in The Golden Mile Galleria mall. The studio will be headed up by John Britton, who is well-known in the F45 community.

Britton said: “We couldn’t be more excited! F45 is known for its innovation and community – just like Palm Jumeirah. The two are going to work hand in hand with each other.” An exact opening date is yet to be revealed, but we’ll let you know when it is.

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There are plenty of classes to help you reach your body goals, including cardio and muscle-conditioning classes, strength andresistance classes, and hybrid classes that combine resistance and cardio. To reserve limited individual or group early-bird offers, contact F45 General Manager John Britton on 058 527 0045.

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