UAE weather: Cooler climes are coming…

As always in the UAE over the months of June to September, it’s been one long, hot summer. If you’re sick of running from air-conditioned building to air-conditioned building, we’ve got some relieving news for you. Cooler climes are on their way, marked by the expected sighting of the Suhail star.

The rising of this star (which is expected in the second half of August) signals the end of the hot season, according to Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences. He expects the star to be seen in the UAE and central Arabia in the early hours of August 24.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan said: “The Suhail star marks the beginning of the end of summer, which will appear by August 24. It is typically accompanied with a high level of humidity and south-easterly winds. The intensity of heat will break with the appearance of the Suhail star in the second half of next August.”

The Suhail star is the second brightest star in the sky, and is 27 million years old, and 310 light years away from Earth. It comes second only after Sirius from the constellation Canis Major. Earlier this summer a location in Al Ain, in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, managed to clock in with a temperature of 51ºC.

For now, it looks like we’re still staying indoors (unless you’re within reach of a pool), so here’s a list of 28 of Dubai’s amazing must-try indoor activities

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