Sponsored: Take home a piece of footballing history…

Maradona is arguably one of the most recognisable names in football and is considered by many to be the greatest player to have ever lived. His Dubai-based fans now have a unique opportunity to get their hands on a special piece of memorabilia.

On Saturday October 30 (Maradona’s birthday), EX Sports, in collaboration with the World Football Collection and CV Labs, is launching a Maradona Exhibition and NFT collection at Almas Conference Centre in JLT.

Fans will be able to buy up to four different items belonging to Maradona, such as the pen he used to sign his contract when joining Napoli, the shirt he wore during the 1986 world cup, a signed football by both Maradona & Pele as well as many more items.

Not only will you be able to bid for the items to display at home, you’ll also get an NFT (non-fungible token) which will represent the item you own on the crypto platforms.

How it works

  • Each item will be represented by an official and exclusive ‘Platinum Edition’ digital collectable NFT.
  • Guests will be able to bid on the Platinum NFT, and the highest bidder will not only buy the NFT, but also receive the physical item that they bid for in addition.
  • Each item will also have a limited number of ‘Gold Edition’ NFT’s for users to bid on as well (the highest bidders only receive the NFTs, which are collectable items in their own right).
  • There will be more memorabilia and collectable NFTs made available on the EX Sports Marketplace, from November 2021.

The event will be strictly invite-only (provided that you can show a PCR test within 48 hours), with just 150 guests, but you can register for the chance to attend and participate by clicking here.

Image: Getty