Wait, hear us out…

TVM (The Virgin Mary) Abu Dhabi has now officially swung open its saloon doors at The Galleria Al Maryah Island, effective ‘Dublin’ the number of new F&B launches at the mall.

It’s the latest project by MBT Restaurant Management, the guys behind Raclette, Beirut Sur Mer and Grand Beirut — which has also just opened a new location at The Galleria.

And although they’re usually more about coming up with original concepts rather than operating franchises, “The Virgin Mary’s concept was so unique and different – bringing it to the UAE was an exception we had to make and were delighted to acquire the franchise … People in the UAE will now get to experience a fully-fledged refined bar in a mall”, Niveen Ibrahim Executive Director at MBT Restaurant Management explains.

And although an Irish bar without adult beverages might seem like a bit of a strange concept, TVM has proved a popular pull in its native Dublin, where, after opening in May 2019 it became Europe’s first completely alcohol-free bar, inviting patrons to ‘drink different’.

Expect elite gastro pub grub, sophisticated mocktails, a place where everyone knows your name… With a ready-made regional market for dry establishments, this is an opportunity for your local to feel a little more local.

The menu at the Dublin venue offers a big range of elegant, intelligently crafted mocktails including ‘watermelon cooler’, ‘tiki street’ and the exotic sounding ‘jungle bird’ — each composed of blended fruit and alchemic infusions.

The Irish outlet, and so we can reasonably assume the capital’s branch may follow, also serves alcohol-free hops, apple blends and grape varieties.


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