Age verification will be strictly enforced…

Have you ever been watching a romantic movie at the cinema, only to find a dramatic cut in the juiciest scene? Well if you’re over 21 years old, you’ll soon be able to watch the full unedited version of international movies at the cinema.

The Media Regulatory Office has announced a significant change to the restrictions placed on UAE cinemas. It’s thanks to the introduction of a 21 age verification placed on movies with adult content, meaning those who can prove their age will be able to enjoy the film as its intended.

Cinemas are required to enforce the restrictions, with ID checks placed on those attending the screenings.

The Media Regulatory Office said on Twitter: “According to this classification, the movies will be screened in cinemas according to their international version, and the classification is given based on the standards of media content in the country.”

The news comes as December has delivered a delightful selection of blockbusters for your viewing pleasure. For the What’s On rundown of the very best flicks to catch in UAE cinemas this month, check out our list of eight massive December movies we’re hyped for.