It’s going to get chilly…

Winter, some people look forward to it while others, well… not so much. If you thought it was already cold in the UAE and can’t leave home without those layers on, take note as the winter season is just getting started.

According to a post shared by UAE BARQ on their official Twitter account, today is the first day of winter.

The post sites that Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences claims that today marks the astronomical concept and beginning of the ’40 days of winter’.

Scientifically, it is when the sun’s path is at its lowest above the horizon marking the winter solstice.

Winter Solstice is astronomically speaking, the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year.

So, how cold can it get? Well, according to the National Center of Meteorology, the lowest temperature recorded today was 8.8 degrees Celsius in Al Ain at 7am.

The meteorology centre just shared the expected weather conditions (maximum and minimum temperatures) for the next five days starting from Wednesday to Sunday (read from right to left).

In Abu Dhabi, the highest temperature mentioned is 27 degrees Celsius with the lowest being 17 degrees Celsius. In Al Ain, the highest temperature until Sunday noted is 27 degrees Celsius going as low as 15 degrees. In Dubai, the highest temperature mentioned is 27 degrees Celsius and the lowest, 19 degrees.

If you live or are heading to the Northern Emirates, temperatures are as low as 13 degrees.

So, if you haven’t already, here’s a friendly reminder that it’s time to dig out those sweaters and jumpers.

Images: Getty Images