Paul Griffiths predicts that Covid-19 testing will become history…

The CEO of Dubai Airports said on Tuesday, January 11, that testing for Covid-19 will soon become history, and highlighted the need for governments to ‘stop interfering with the common-sense health regulations’.

In an interview with CNN Middle East, Paul Griffiths said: “Once the (Covid-19) testing regime becomes history, which I think it will do shortly, there will be a strong recovery and we need governments to stop interfering with the common-sense health regulations that are now emerging in the wake of the response of the latest strain of the virus.”

He continued: “I think we have got to get to live with it we got to be able to travel as part of that normalisation of the approach to the virus in the future. That’s when the people will get their lives back and that’s when they will become mobile again.”

The chief executive officer of Dubai Airports also spoke of how he sees the next phase of airports and aviation, post-pandemic, saying: “The next stage is to be ready for the recovery… And the good thing is that we never really shut anything down. We put things into hibernation but we maintained a full state of readiness in order to springboard back into the real world when traffic starts to recover.”

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