Sponsored: Celebrate the Holy Month with a true taste of the Levant…

With a gastronomic legacy that dates back to 1881, there is a reason why Al Hallab remains one of the UAE’s best-respected protectors of Lebanese cuisine. It also makes them an ideal choice for celebrating the wonder of the Holy Month, with an invitation to break fast in the most authentic, family-friendly, and culinarily accomplished way.

To help ensure they cater for everyone Al Hallab offers flexible iftar dining with the opportunity to eat out at their Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall and Al Garhoud locations, as well as providing takeaway options for those that prefer the experience of iftars at home.

Here’s what you can expect from the menu, wherever you choose to enjoy it…

The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates locations

Open until 1am throughout the month of Ramadan, guests can dine out on a set menu priced at just Dhs140 per adult and Dhs95 per child. Your Middle Eastern feast will include the traditional opening of assorted dates, followed by rich perfumed soups, a selection of Levantine mezze, delicate pastries, grilled meats, a main course of your choice, specialty desserts and hot beverages.

Al Garhoud

Operating until 2am every night in the Holy Month, at the Al Garhoud location you’ll be able to find a similar selection of dates, tasty soups, hot and cold mezze, golden flakey pastries, barbecued prime cuts meats, main courses, traditional sweets and hot beverages. Priced at Dhs140 per adult and Dhs95 per child.

Takeaway iftar deals

Iftar for one

This individual iftar comes with those all important dates, a hearty soup, kamaredine or jallab juice, classic fattoush, a double serving of moreish meat sambousek, thick creamy hummus, a selection of daily main dishes, and a traditional Ramadan dessert pairing of kataef walnut and shaibeyat ashta for the final flourish. All for Dhs85.

Iftar for two

With this option you’ll get a couples portion of the same dates, soup, kamaredine juice, hummus, fattoush, hummus, a double dose of daily main dishes and Ramadan desserts (kataef walnut and shaibeyat ashta), but you’ll also get a three-piece set of both meat and cheese sambousek. Total price, Dhs169.

Iftar for four

Once agian you can look forward to a lion’s share of those dates, festive soups, kamaredine juice, hummus, moutabal, fattoush, tabouleh, five pices of meat sambousek, five pieces of cheese sambousek, hummus, and that duo of Ramadan desserts (kataef walnut & shaibeyat ashta) — but you’ll also get five precision char-grilled kebab skewers, and selection of three big mains. The cost for this iftar, good for four is Dhs299.

For more information and to find your closest restaurant, head to the alhallabrestaurant.com website.

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