Sponsored: Explore Dubai by air, land and sea…

With the weather feeling noticeably cooler lately, we’re making a list of all the bucket list activities we can’t wait to tick off this winter. High up on the list are the incredible experiences offered by Hero Experiences Group. From the cool and cultural to adrenaline-fuelled adventures, Hero Experiences Group offer exciting ways to explore Dubai by air, land and sea.

Here are three amazing things to do in Dubai this season:

Enjoy an authentic Arabian experience

Traverse the Dubai desert in an open-top vintage Land Rover from the 1950s, as you ride over the rolling dunes in style. Enjoy an authentic Arabian experience at the luxurious Platinum Heritage desert camp. For those who want to go all-out, you can book an overnight stay in a traditional stone dwelling room, and wake up to a magnificent breakfast in the desert.


Ride a hot air balloon above the desert

If you’re yet to ride in a hot air balloon in Dubai, you don’t know what you’re missing – the breathtaking experience is guaranteed to be one you won’t forget in a hurry. Balloon Adventures Dubai offers guests unbeatable sunrise views from 4,000 ft in the sky. Don’t be put off by the 5am wake up call, this one is worth getting up early for. Marvel as you watch the sun peak over the Hajjar mountains and experience peace and tranquility you won’t find anywhere else. After the ride, pass through the dunes in a vintage Land Rover, and enjoy a gourmet breakfast at Platinum Heritage to end the experience on an even higher note.


Cruise the waves of the Arabian Gulf

Feel the ocean air breezing past you as you lash through the waves of the Arabian Gulf on your own private boat. That’s exactly what you’ll do if you book a HERO OdySea self-drive boat tour this winter. The unique experience gives you the freedom to explore the water on your own terms, on boats that can go up to 50km/h with no license necessary. Cruise around Dubai’s top landmarks, including Atlantis, The Palm, Burj Al Arab and Ain Dubai, and get the perfect ‘Gram snap as you go.