Well that escalated quickly…

Whilst the UAE summer-time can be quite neatly pigeon-holed into the ‘zero chill’ genre of meteorology — the winter is a different beast entirely. Once we’re over the heady peak of September humidity, we can look forward to multiple months of blue skies, comfortable centigrade highs and minimal sweaty thighs.

Occasionally though, usually off the back of duelling low pressure fronts, a bit of drama seeps in.

Take yesterday for example — rain and high winds were recorded in several spots across the UAE, including Dubai, leading the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) and certain regional authorities to issue weather warnings to motorists.

Huge shout out to Abu Dhabi Police for the production value of their social media alert — all the hot mug of cocoa feels.

Hail and high water

Some parts of the country received their precipitation in a slightly more aggressive fashion — with reported instances of heavy hail showers in isolated locations. Check out the videos below.


And on Emirates Road in Dubai:


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What sort of weather can we look forward to for the rest of the week..?

The NCM’s forecast tells a calmer story for the week ahead, with prevailing conditions best characterised as calm. Coastal areas will see highs of between 34º and 39º with the occasional “freshening breeze”.

Beach day it is then…

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