A message on their Instagram page, bids bye-for-now…

Cove Beach was at the spade’s head of a wave of new beach club openings in Abu Dhabi in recent years. The super-luxe shoreline hangout was an import from Dubai, where the Caesar’s Palace location has, and continues to — pull in glamourous daytrippers and the barefoot beach chic set.

The capital’s own location unfurled its parasols at Makers District, on a postcard corner of Reem Island back in November 2020. The sea-hemmed infinity pool, themed music nights, incredible ladies’ and gents’ deals, sundowner sessions, brunches, watersports and seafront revelling brought a fresh breeze to Abu Dhabi, and so there was little surprise when the beach club transpired to be an overnight success.

But according to a post on their Instagram page, it seems like Cove Beach is now taking a little break. This, what is referred to as ‘a temporary closure’ dates back to October 10, 2022 — so whilst we’re a bit late to the closing party, we’re still more than a little sad about the news. We never even got to say goodbye.

The 1,000 guest capacity club, was created in collaboration with IMKAN, and as mentioned above — was part of the new Reem-based Makers District, a creative hub tying together innovative retail, leisure, entrepreneurial and artisanal concepts, and staging them in a modern-bohemian, architectural wonderwork.

Cove Beach was probably best known for its wild ‘Rosé All Day’ and ‘Rosé All Night’ deals — which represented some of the best value ladies’ night packages in the city, and they made sure the chaps got their own packages to go alongside it too. Which almost never happens. *sniffles*

They say, you don’t realise what you’ve got until it’s gone and like most cliches, this checks out. we just hope the temporary is not long temporary. Fingers crossed we’ll be raving by the waves soon again.

Images: Provided