For your car guys…

In our experience, our usually trustworthy automobiles only ever seem to have a complete and *mechanic’s sharp intake of breath* breakdown when it’s least financially viable for them to do so.

It’s pre-payday, post sale-shopping binge, after the rent has come out and the credit card is teasing that limit — but it’s ok because I’m driving with the windows down and the system up and then… boom.  The car breaks down (same car, same) and suddenly you’re a meme wondering if you’re “ever going to financially recover from this”.

Stay strong friends. There is a slither of light at the end of the tunnel/dual carriageway, though. The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of Abu Dhabi’s orange street guardians, the Road Service Patrol, offers a range of free emergency and recovery services for breakdowns on all major Abu Dhabi roads.

Law Patrol

They’ll tow vehicles to the nearest garage, or provide enough fuel for you to make it there under your own steam. They also remove damaged vehicles from accident sites.

Just yelp for help

To charter the service, you’ll need to organise the call out via the ITC’s super handy Darbi app (which also has some handy features like live bus routes and timetables). You can also access the service over the phone by calling 800850.

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