Get ready for your next getaway…

As Dubai residents, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to where to go on holiday. But giving you even more option for your 2023 getaways, flydubai has announced six new flight routes, reinstating flights to Hofuf, Saudi Arabia, later this month and adding new routes to Thailand, Italy and Greece from next year. This is a massive milestone for flydubai, with its customers now being able to reach 113 destinations in 53 countries.

flydubai corfu

From Thursday November 24 2022 flights to Hofuf will resume with a service taking guests to x twice per week. In the new year, you’ll be able to catch flights to five further destinations: Cagliari, Corfu, Krabi, Milan and Pattaya. All flights will operate from from Dubai International Airport (DXB).

milan flydubai

These destinations are a lovely mixture, appealing to both the beachgoer and the city dweller. If you fancy a tropical holiday destination, Krabi and Pattaya in Thailand as well as Corfu in Greece are perfect for all beach lovers. However, if prefer to get lost in cities and their culture take your next holiday to Milan. If you love both; Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia and is famed for its beautiful historical monuments and stunning beaches.

Perfect for escaping the UAE for a little winter sun, you’ll be able to fly to Krabi and Pattaya from January 20, 2023, with both routes being serviced with a daily return flight. From March 10, flydubai adds a direct flight to Milan, which will operate 5 times per week initially, before increasing to a daily service ready for the peak summer travel period. Flights to Cagliari, Sardinia and Corfu, Greece will launch on June 22 and June 24 respectively, with a thrice weekly service to Sardinia and a bi-weekly flight taking travellers from Dubai to Corfu.

Economy prices vary between Dhs1,400 to Dhs3,800, with Business ranging between Dhs5,000 and 11,700.