Gravy base. Roasted turkey. Traditional stuffing. And a drizzle of spiced cranberry sauce…

The opinions will be divided, we fully expect it. But this Thanksgiving, Pitfire Pizza is giving us the chance to say out with the old and in with the new, presenting an incredible twist on a Thanksgiving dinner. Introducing the Thanksgiving Pizza: serving up all the best bits of the traditional feast on a slice of doughy deliciousness.

What’s on the pizza?

Pitfire Pizza Thanksgiving

The limited-edition pizza starts with a homemade gravy base, topped with a generous portion of roasted turkey, traditional stuffing, incredible candied sweet potatoes and it all finished off with a sprinkling of mozzarella and a generous drizzle of spiced cranberry sauce. It’s all the best bits of Thanksgiving on Dubai’s best pizza.

This pizza has left the office divided, but one thing that is certain: You can get your hands on this limited edition special with the Deliveroo and Pitfire Pizza delivery throughout November, starting from Friday November 11. It’s Dhs50 for 10 inches of pure Thanksgiving flavours.

Pass around touching words of thanks before tucking into the perfect bite of Thanksgiving goodness this festive season. It may just be the first Thanksgiving that there won’t be any leftovers.

Even if there are, Thanksgiving leftovers plus leftover pizza – that sounds like the perfect pairing to us.

Pitfire Pizza, available on Deliveroo for limited time from November 11, Dhs50.

Images: Supplied