Mission Ferrari will feature the world’s first ‘sideways drop’…

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has set the bar pretty high for its rides. Not literally, they don’t want people falling out.

But the metaphorical bar, the standard to which it delivers jowl-flapping thrill units, has been set sky high. It’s already home to the world’s fastest (240kph) rollercoaster (Formula Rossa, which pulls 4.8Gs), and the highest loop ride (Flying Aces) — so any potential newcomer would have to be able to match that vertiginously high awe energy.

Falls and horses

Welcome to Mission Ferrari, as of today (January 12, 2023) now open to the world and offering a “multisensory 5D rollercoaster experience” with what’s being called “the world’s first sideways coaster drop”. To clarify this specifically applies to roller coasters, so prior claims pertaining to passive-aggressive cats knocking drinks coasters off tables are not being considered.

The ride employs a mix of virtual, and very real thrills to create its adrenalin-baiting experiences “cutting-edge technology with stunning scenic show sets, an exhilarating inverted loop, and state-of-the-art special effects”.

Talking about the announcement, Deana Taylor, General Manager at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi commented: “We are very excited to unveil Mission Ferrari to the world. Fans are in for a truly memorable experience with a combination of immersive ride media and an exhilarating rollercoaster track that is unlike anything else in the region.”

“12 years strong, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is still dedicated to elevating the guest experience by introducing new rides and attractions. We can’t wait for our guests to try it and create unforgettable memories at our Ferrari-inspired Park.”

Yas Island, open daily midday to 8pm, adults Dhs310, kids Dhs240. @ferrariworldabudhabi

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