No prizes, just for fun…

The Abu Dhabi Film Commission recently shared a video showing what it would look like if some of the capital’s most recognisable landscapes were covered under a wintery blanket of snow.

It’s on brand for an organisation that champions the cause of using Abu Dhabi as a cinematic backdrop for movies and TV shows, attracting visual arts production companies across the globe.

They’ve had some big success in recent yearsDune II, has recently just wrapped filming in the Liwa desert and there’s been a stellar cast of blockbuster franchises and independent films, taking up their offer and shooting scenes in the futuristic urban expanse, or otherworldly desert plains of the emirate.

But on to the challenge. If you get all the answers right, we’re sad to say there’s no speedboat waiting for you, no chance to bank what you’ve made so far or go for the mystery box, and there is categorically no cheeky extension on your visa expiry. You can just bask in the relatively muted glory (it is a pretty easy challenge after all) of having slam-dunked a visual acuity test.

And in reverence of the spirit of day time TV phone-in competitions, we’ll even give you a completely unnecessary clue to help you along.

Can you guess what these landmarks covered under a blanket of snow are?

1. If you can’t figure this one out, you might need to get your eyes Testarossa’d

2. You’ll find this world-class gallery on Saadiyat, but it originally came from Paris, with Lo…

3. This architectural marvel got a World Cup glow-up in the shape of a Ball(dar).

4. This classic, has more than niche appeal

5. A royal welcome awaits at this famous hotel.

6. Part of the name of this famous building, is attached to one of Abu Dhabi’s most used apps of 2020-2022.

Images: The Abu Dhabi Film Commission