The comedian is making a welcome return to Yas Island…

In 2022 actor, comedian, author, podcaster, entrepreneur and the scissors to Dwayne Johnson’s Rock — Kevin Hart added another professional title to his already farcically long CV intro, when he was appointed as ‘Chief Island Officer’ for Yas.

Hart was essentially an ambassador for the wonder and whimsy of Yas Island, appearing in videos living his very best life across the island’s collection of leisure attractions.

And it’s fitting that his next Middle East comedy show will be right in the heart of his Ambassadorial Feifdom, Etihad Arena on Yas Island. It’s Live Nation who are in charge of bringing the icon-tier stand-up back to the island, for the only Gulf date of his Reality Check tour. The gig will go down on Wednesday February 22, 2023 and tickets are currently on sale from Dhs549.

No shortage of fame

Hart, is a Hart-working man.

You’re probably familiar with his comic roles in Hollywood, movies such as Scary Movie 3 (remember that? 2003, what a time to be alive), the 2017 Jumanji reboot franchise, Ride Along, Get Hard, providing voice support in animated films such as DC League of Super-Pets, The Secret Life of Pets and Captain Underpants, or any one of the number of team-ups with oft-collaborator The Rock.

You may recognise his contortive features and hilarious raconteur monologuing from his stratospheric stand-up career, Netflix Specials and comedy albums, or from taunting pal Dwayne Johnson with TikTok skits, Rock-inspired fancy dress, and eyebrow-raising impressions.

He’s a regular on podcasts and comedy shows, he’s anchored awards ceremonies, provided MC support for global events, he’s modeled for Macy’s, launched a vegetarian restaurant (Hart House) and fronted charity drives.

But regardless of where you know Kevin Hart, it is practically impossible to see him as anything other than one of the comedic genre’s most precious international treasures.

The Kevin Hart gig will be the last of an epic A-list comedian trilogy at Etihad Arena in Q1 of 2023, with two British acts, Jimmy Carr and Kevin Bridges having already warmed the boards in January.

Hart to find a replacement

As already mentioned, Kevin Hart’s time as ‘Chief Island Officer’ for Yas looked like a pretty sweet gig. These are just some of the things he got up to over his ‘Hartifying’ tenure.

1. We saw him crying tears of happiness (/abject terror) after getting on the world’s fastest roller coaster (Formula Rossa), in Ferrari World. Which for all you stat fans out there, hits speeds of 240kph and pulls an eye-watering (as Kevin proved) 4.8Gs.

2. He really seemed to enjoy Yas Bay too. The Ibizan beat beach hub of Cafe Del Mar in particular. It was here that he very generously offered to share some of his fragrant pre-worn swimwear, snorkels and towels with visiting guests.

3. The comedian also took on the dizzying heights of adventure hub Clymb, renaming the record-breaking climbing wall ‘Mount Kevinmanjaro’. There’s no video footage of him actually climbing it though, and no flag at the top so feel free to claim the mountain in your own name if you make it to the top.

4. At Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi he revealed his superpower is putting ‘adding a whole lotta Hart into every adventure’ — not the most conventional flex, but at the very least, bang on-brand. He also declared himself de facto leader of the Justice League (the real reason Henry Caville is out of the DCU?), and that his superhero name is ‘Hart Dude’. Well, we guess, Ant-Man was already taken.

5. His last act as Chief Island Officer is to pass the torch. He’s currently promoting the role which comes with a two-month contract worth USD100,000 and includes some incredible benefits such as VIP entry to events and attractions. He’s billing it as the World’s Best Job? And you know what, it just might be.

Etihad Arena, Yas Island, Wednesday February 22, 2023.

Images: Provided