A taste of Miami in the heart of Dubai…

You may be in one of the many cars that whizz by the Museum of the Future on Sheikh Zayed Road on a daily basis, but hit the brakes and admire its illuminated torus-shaped beauty over dinner at Mi Amie Dubai. Translating to ‘my friend’, the open rooftop alfresco bar and lounge can be found on the first level of Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Venue photos almost look Photoshopped, with the landmark winking back at gazers knowing it’s in the spotlight.

Mi Amie Dubai

Once through the doors, we’re greeted with pastel interiors, a soundtrack of tunes, colourful dancers and a pretty rose-hued bar with pops of rose gold elements and luminous bottles. 

Our first beverage of the night is called Ocean Drive (Dhs68), and is slightly bitter tasting with sweet, muted undertones. The spiced rum Calle Ocho (Dhs68), served in a Moai mug, strikes the right balance and warms us up on the chilly night out.

Mi Amie Dubai food

A one-page menu is dotted with dishes and we start with the wild sea bass carpaccio (Dhs98), which is decorated with purple flowers and orange accents. Chopsticks firmly gripped, we pick up a slice of sea bass. The creamy coconut milk and light touch of zesty lime combine well on our palate with hints of truffle and passionfruit rounding off each bite.

We struggle to choose a favourite between the spicy yellow fin tuna rolls (Dhs98) and blow torched A5 wagyu sushi rolls (Dhs168). The tuna rolls are pretty with a hidden pop of heat from the yellow spicy sauce, while the wagyu hits the sweet spot with the teriyaki glaze, and though it a promised truffle flavour, it wasn’t missed.

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Mi Amie Braised Beef Rib Croquettes

The generous braised beef rib croquettes (Dhs138) are a mouthful of mashed potato with Manchego cheese and truffle. For a beefier bite, wagyu beef rib eye 7+ skewers (Dhs168) with Malabar black pepper sauce hit the right spice notes and we loved the nostalgic flavours of Peruvian chicken bites (Dhs88) dipped in green chutney.

Our dessert, a deconstructed raspberry and lychee tart (Dhs58) can easily be displayed as a work of art alongside the museum’s ‘killa’ architecture. Refreshing dots of lemon sorbet, crumbly pastry shells, bursting red blushing raspberries, each spoon is a delectable package of sweet harmonious flavours and textures.

Friendly tip, the best view of the landmark comes as you take a step back, as the view up close becomes as distorted as Alfred Hitchcock’s dolly effect.

Mi Amie Dubai, Level 1, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Trade Centre 2, Dubai, 5pm to 2am daily. Tel: (0)4 319 8567. miamiedubai.com

Images: Mi Amie Dubai