Cool fun away from the sun…

People like to act like life in the UAE over the summer is a chore. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, allow us to cross-examine the evidence. Less traffic, perfect weather for chilled pools, summer staycay deals, oh and there’s literally thousands of miles of indoor climate controlled space to shop, play, dine, exercise, rave, save, thrive and generally live your best life. So if you’re sticking around for the summer, or some of it at least — these are some of our favourite new indoor spots, that we love lots and lots.

Adrenark Adventure

After swinging open its doors this Eid Al Fitr — Adrenark Adventure is  now in full, adrenal gland sapping, operation. The chief deliverables are entertaining kids, heart rate spiking thrill experiences, and a wild three-level eKarting track. All with packages starting from Dhs99. There are activities such as potholing (that’s cave exploration for those that weren’t in the Girl Guides or Cub Scouts) and it is deifinitely not for the claustrophobic; a rooftop zipline that twists and turns, and allows you to control your own speed (and is maybe not one for the acrophobic) — Roll Glider; cheek-puffing thrill rides; bravery-testing stunt bag jumps; an elevated rope course; Through The Roof — a theme park style drop ride that gives your insides the John Cena treatment; softplay; a series of slides; multiple climbing walls; and more.

Al Qana, Khor Al Maqta. The basic ‘Discovery Pass’ is Dhs135 and will get you on six different experiences. @adrenarkuae


Located in Al Qana, Pixoul is the largest gaming hub of its type in Abu Dhabi and includes the latest evolution of Location-Based Entertainment (LBE). In addition to futuristic VR tech, the venue will also operate the first certified eSports (that’s competitive gaming for any noobs out there) academy in the region. Strap on the headset and you can free roam individually or with teams a selection of strategy, racing and *finger guns* shoot-em-ups.

Al Qana, Sun to Thu midday to midnight, Fri to Sat midday to 2am, priced from Dhs35.

Snow Abu Dhabi

Snow Abu Dhabi looks set to be the real ‘piste’ de résistance of 1.2 billion US Dollar mega project, Reem Mall. Your invitation to elope to the slopes begins on June 8, 2023 when this, the region’s largest snow park, finally unleashes an avalanche of sub-zero shinanigans on the capital. And we can’t wait to skidaddle over and live, laugh, LET IT GOOOO. There will be 12 exhilarating rides and 17 engaging attractions spread over a 10,000 square foot area. The temperature will be regulated to a super chilly 2ºC, and the slopes will be dusted in a snow capped coating to an average depth of around half a metre. Confirmed attractions include two giant slides, one named ‘Ice and Floes Toboggan Race’ which sounds nice and gentle, and ‘Grauppel’s Summit Escape’ which sounds theatrically less so. Other rides include The Entry Plaza, Flight of the Snowy Owl, Magic Carpet, Polar Express Train, Crystal Carousel and Ice and Floes Bumper Tubes, The Trolls Bowl, Drifts Downhill Run, and Snow Hares Bunny Hill and The Enchanted Tree (which will serve as a sort of central part of the story telling aspect of the park). Snow Abu Dhabi dining experiences come in the form of The Lodge Restaurant, Grotto Amphitheatre, Ice Café, the Party Room and VIP Room.

Reem Mall, pricing details to follow soon. @snowauh

Abu Dhabi Summer Sports

Abu Dhabi Summer Sports traditionally embarks on a mission to keep the capital’s residents active over the summer, providing a gargantuan 27,000 square metre indoor AC-cooled space to get gains in, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). We don’t have final confirmation on the dates, or even sign-off that it’s actually happening, but the evidence we have for a 2023 return puts things, for us, beyond reasonable doubt. First, it’s an annual fixture (there was even a special Ramadan version earlier this year), and then there’s the fact the website currently displays banners for 2023. Last year Abu Dhabi Summer Sports ran through July and August, offering 25 courts, a running track, a huge indoor inflatable assault course, kids’ zone, spaces to play football, basketball, padel, volleyball, badminton, cross fit and special food and beverage outlets.

ADNEC. 2022 prices for court rental were staggered for peak, off peak, and weekend useage. Basketball court costs (per hour) for example are Dhs90 off peak, Dhs125 at peak times (weekdays 4pm to 11pm) and Dhs155 over the weekend. Access to Inflatafest is Dhs80 for two hours, or Dhs150 for a full day. @adsummersports

Images: Supplied and social