Presenting the What’s On Habibi pizza with Chips Oman and Middle Eastern lamb kofta… 

It’s no secret that at What’s On HQ we’re huge fans of Pitfire Pizza’s unusual and eclectic toppings; from the Thanksgiving gravy-based pizza with all the traditional trimmings, to the humble chicken shawarma-style pizza with baked crispy potatoes and Arabian pickles.

We’re always front of the queue to see what’s next from these celebrated carb artists, but with us celebrating our 44th birthday this June, we had the perfect pretext to pitch a What’s On pizza. Incredibly, they agreed. So this year, it’s a big khalas to cake, and a huge yes please to grabbing a slice of the Pitfire pizza party action.

pitfire pizza

But What’s On this birthday pizza of ours? Well, when two Dubai-born brands collide, the resultant flavour waves have to rep the city they love. We weren’t prepared for just how much pizza toppings could divide a team of passionate foodies, but we did all agree on one thing: Chips Oman improve almost anything they’re sprinkled on. With the possible bedsheets and kids’ car seats.

For those of you who don’t know, Chips Oman are a nostalgic, legend-tier snack with a dedicated following across the UAE and Oman. Some might call them the unofficial national dish. But wait, are we really putting crisps on a pizza? Yes sir, yes we are. The rest, we left to the experts at Pitfire to do what they do best and whip up something iconic, daring, and suitably audacious.

So here we are, to celebrate 44 years in the region we present you the Pitfire x What’s On birthday pizza – ‘What’s On Habibi’. A thin yet flavourful base topped with authentic Middle Eastern lamb kofta, baked batata, scattered elements of Fattoush salad, a pomegranate molasses and hummus drizzle and a crispy Chips Oman crown.

The limited-edition pizza is priced at just Dhs44 and available for dine-in and takeaway, exclusively on Deliveroo, throughout June.

Images: What’s On