It’s currently only available in Hong Kong but will be going global soon…

Shake Shack may be best known for their gushing smashed patty burgers, but with 50 per cent of their brand name devoted to that most deluxe of dairy based drinks, it’s fair to say that milkshakes are a core part of their menu-festo too.

And to ensure that their range of custard-based milkshakes continues to bring all the boys and girls to the, ahem, shack – it makes sense to mix things up from time to time. Enter the pistachio shake, launching in Hong Kong today (Tuesday, June 6, 2023) before, according to a recent Hypebeast article, “landing globally”.

Nuts about the region

This pistachio shake is a cleverly orchestrated homage to regional dessert royalty, the baklava. There’s a pistachio and honey infused frozen custard base, that’s mixed up with whipped cream, crispy pastry, and more smashed ‘stachios slapped on top. Voila, baklava in a cup.

This shake joins a lineup that also includes the vanilla cookies and cream shake (Dhs20, 980 calories), a vanilla custard with hot fudge shake (Dhs25, and 880 calories), the red velvet double (Dhs25, and a double HIIT class requiring 1,440 calories), and of course a whole lot more milk based audacity.

But what to pair it with? Keeping it Middle East, we’d recommend squaring the pistachio shake up against the Falafel Shack (just Dhs10). It’s a potato bun wrapped falafel patty with herby labneh, pickled red cabbage, fresh cucumber and spiced tahini.

But when will this particular ha-beverage come to the UAE..? We’ll let you know as soon as we know.

Images: Provided