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Pilates, yoga, and barre boutique wellness studio… MyCore in Dubai Science Park, is all about community. The homegrown brand takes a holistic approach to fitness, offering personalised services that make reaching fitness goals much easier. Think small group classes, careful attention and guidance, and nurturing an easy, long term commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

The studio is located in Dubai Science Park with easy accessibility and available parking. The class schedule has timings that work for everyone, whether pre-work, post-work or in between.

It’s home to a roster of expert instructors who are passionate about working with customers to create tailored plans that work best for them and their unique needs, helping them become their best self. All fitness levels and capabilities are welcome, with classes across all levels.


Aside from group fitness classes, MyCore also offers private and semi-private classes for those who are looking for rehabilitative exercises. The ethos of the studio aims to make fitness and exercise a therapeutic experience, made better by the use of high-end, state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of movement options to choose from.

At MyCore, the process of achieving a healthy lifestyle and staying in it is just as important as the results. Packages and programs will offer purposeful, result-oriented instructions, while also ensuring that the road to that goal is a fun, enjoyable process.



With the group classes, you’ll be able to find a crowd that you can take with you on your journey. The atmosphere at MyCore is that of togetherness, community and relaxation. Depending on your needs, there are group, private and semi-private offerings to choose from, with packages to cater to all lifestyles.

MyCore Studio, Dubai Science Park, Dubai, weekdays, 6am to 10pm, weekends, 7am to 8pm, Tel: (0) 52 259 4642, mycorestudio.com

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