Sponsored: The anniversary event unfolded on October 1st, coinciding with World Coffee Day

Renowned coffee brand Nescafé lit up the Burj Khalifa on World Coffee Day, October 1, in a splendid celebration of its 85th anniversary. This exciting three-minute display showcased the coffee-making journey, from cultivation and harvesting to drying and filling, and celebrating the intricate path from bean to beloved cup.


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The event, live streamed across the brand’s social media channels, invited viewers to spot the iconic Nescafé mug throughout the presentation, offering them a chance to win exciting prizes.

Originating from humble beginnings in Switzerland in 1938, Nescafé has grown into something far beyond merely a coffee brand. Today, this beloved brew, an instant coffee brand with soul, serves as the backdrop to significant milestones, friendly catch-ups, and all the moments in between.

As we dive into the busy Dubai season, here are five reasons why Nescafé is the ideal coffee companion and perfect pick-me-up

The school run soother

Amidst the morning chaos of traffic and spirited children, a portable cup of Nescafé adds a dash of sweetness and serenity to your journey.

Mid-day revitaliser

When the post-vacation workday stretches seemingly endless, Nescafé stands ready to infuse your afternoon with the vitality needed to power through with precision and focus.

Friendship in a cup

Whether it’s a cosy chat at home or an iced concoction en route to activities, the richest conversations with friends often unfold over a cup of coffee, bringing the café ambiance wherever you’re heading.

Indulgent Sunday mornings

Permit yourself the luxury of a leisurely breakfast in bed, savoring your favorite morning delights paired with the comforting warmth of your preferred Nescafé blend.

A personal pause

When a moment of solitude calls, immerse yourself in the tranquility offered by Nescafé, joining the global symphony of 5,500 cups savored every second, and find peace in your personalized coffee ritual.

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