Lena and Snowball


Bullied at school and lonely at home, Lena keeps hoping she'll have a true friend someday. One afternoon, her dreams come true - in the shape of a cuddly white lion cub. Lena tries to keep playful Snowball out of trouble, but the clumsy poachers who kidnapped the valuable cub, and the cruel trophy collector who paid for him, are desperate to get him back. As Lena races to rescue poor Snowball, her new friend Jake will do anything to help. Be careful, or Snowball will melt your family's heart.

Sebastian [ سيباستيان] Brummer [ برامر] Spencer [ سبنسر ] Allport [أولبورت ] Deborah [ديبورا ] Arrieta [ أريتا ]


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City Centre Deira - Dubai | Dubai
Mall of the Emirates - Dubai | Dubai
City Centre Mirdif - Dubai | Dubai
Yas Mall - Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi | UAE
Riyadh Park - Riyadh - Riyadh | SAUDI ARABIA
Al Qasr Mall - Riyadh - Riyadh | Riyadh
The Galleria Al Maryah Island - Abu Dhabi| Abu Dhabi
Riyadh Front - Riyadh - Riyadh | Riyadh
Atyaf Mall - Riyadh - Riyadh | Riyadh
Tabuk Park - Tabuk - Tabuk | Tabuk
Town Square - Jeddah - Jeddah | Jeddah
Hail Square - Hail - Hail | Hail
Wafi City - Dubai | Dubai
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