What’s On previews DJ Slipmatt in Dubai. The ‘On A Ragga Tip’ rave icon headlines Superheroes at Dek on 8 Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City.

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When it comes to rave credentials, UK DJ Slipmatt has notched up more than most. At the heart of the UK’s rave culture explosion in the late-’80s and early-’90s, Slipmatt’s name adorned flyers for pretty much every major milestone event worth knowing about – from Fantazia and Universe to World Dance, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter and Rezurrection.

In 1992, while rave culture was sweeping the length and breadth of Britain with hurricane force, Slipmatt released On A Ragga Tip as SL2 with DJ Lime and MC Jay. It catapulted into the UK charts and is considered a bona fide old skool classic to this day – its ragamuffin stylings and memorable hook still potent enough to make dancefloors go bananas.

Through his World of Rave radio show, Slipmatt – aka Matt Nelson – continues to unite old skool fans with a new generation of clubbers, while his frenetic DJ sets tear dancefloors apart.

Ahead of his headline slot at the ever-fun Superheroes party this weekend, our pals at Hypewho you can expect to see bouncing down the front, took a trip down Memory Lane…

Whatever happened to… rave accessories?
Oh, the whistle: a staple of raves and PE teachers’ conventions alike. But along with the horn, the Vicks inhaler and even the glowstick, traditional rave accessories are becoming relics of a lost era. Not to worry, though, they’ll all be available in app form eventually.

Whatever happened to… numerous sub-genres?
Dance music is a fickle beast. One minute it’s all about electro; the next everyone’s banging on about UK funky. Sadly, some sounds will always get left behind, so shed a tear for ambient house and wonder whatever happened to handbag.

Whatever happened to… proper dancing?
Watch any YouTube clip from an early-’90s rave and we guarantee you’ll be transfixed by the dancing. Maybe the flailing limbs and twirling glowsticks on UK floors were a reaction to the oppression of the Thatcher era. Or maybe people just didn’t take themselves so seriously back then.

Whatever happened to… rave lingo?
Popularised by the likes of Altern-8 and The Shaman during the halcyon years of rave, lingo like “top one” and “sorted” provided the masses with an arsenal of fail-safe words and phrases to use whenever they forgot what they were talking about.

Whatever happened to… flyer art?
With their unique, trippy designs, flyers used to be the ideal bedroom wallpaper. Now they’re knocked up in five minutes from bland Photoshop templates. Bring back ardent rave hippies armed with felt-tips.

December 11
Slipmatt at Superheroes, The Dek on 8, Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City; free. 6pm to 3am. Metro: Nakheel. Taxi: Media One Hotel. facebook.com/SuperheroesDubai