What’s On introduces La Loupe, a fashion collective hosting one-day pop-up shops in Abu Dhabi. Check out over 50 UAE-based brands such as Bait Zait and India Circus.

Abu Dhabi is pretty serious about shopping. From high end to high street, the city’s malls have it covered when it comes to famous names and brands. But what if you want something a little more unique, or homemade? Then it isn’t so easy. Enter La Loupe, a fashion collective hosting one-day pop-up shops here in the capital.

The concept, which is relatively new to Abu Dhabi, offers unique products – be it fashion, food or art – from specialty retailers in temporary venues or boutiques for a limited time. It’s a phenomenon that’s got global appeal – pop-up shops are big business (and are selling out in record time) in London, New York and Berlin.

The brainchild of Rima Zanoun and Dima Swaid, La Loupe – which means ‘magnifying glass’ in French – works with more than 50 UAE-based brands. “It’s how we found people and how people find our store. We used a magnifier to find all of this talent here in the UAE and the store is so eclectic, that people use a magnifying glass to look at everything on offer,” says Zanoun.

La Loupe

La Loupe hosts the exclusive events every six to eight weeks, selling items such as jewellery, clothing, leather goods, food, toiletries and even artwork. “We try to incorporate the market and culture here and have all sorts of nationalities come in. Korean, French, Arabic, Emirati… we try and mix it up so you can have a different shopping experience.”

The girls claim pop-up shops in Dubai tend to be more targeted for Western communities, whereas theirs is a mix of eclectic and cultural products. “We really represent the UAE in one place.”

Brands on offer include Bait Zait natural skincare products, India Circus textiles and sub-continent-inspired goods, artwork inspired from the region by Satami, and Pearlesque, a vintage jewellery retailer.

February 28

La Loupe Pop-up, Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa By Anantara, Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi. Tel: (050) 1118754. Taxi: Eastern Mangroves. facebook.com/laloupeauh