Counting Beyoncé, Oprah, Cher, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O among its clientele over time, 60-year-old eatery Serendipity 3 is one of New York’s most iconic spots.

So why are we telling you about it? Well, it’s coming to Dubai! We’ll be getting not one but two Serendipity 3 outlets by the end of this year, one at Dubai Festival City and the other at CityWalk.

The restaurant is particularly famous for the signature Frozen Hot Chocolate:


Which is definitely a celebrity favourite:

Serendipity-Oprah-Winfrey Kim-serendipity 3 Serendipity-Cher

Plus, in a very ‘fitting-to-Dubai’ way, Serendipity 3 is also known for its ‘most expensive’ dishes that litter the Guinness World Records – all of which need to be ordered 48 hours in advance at the original New York location. The word is that these exact items won’t be coming to the Dubai stores, but that they will likely develop some unique outlandish dishes exclusively for diners here. 

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There’s the Dhs3,700 Golden Opulence Sundae, which is made using three scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream infused with Madagascar vanilla and covered in 23k edible gold leaf. It also utilises Amedei Porcelana – the world’s most expensive chocolate – in its sauce, “exotic candied fruits” from Paris in its sprinkles and comes with a side of Grand Passion Caviar (a dessert caviar known for its golden colour). 

golden opulence sundae serendipity 3

There’s also the ‘world’s most expensive sandwich’, which is, surprisingly a grilled cheese.

Costing Dhs785, the toastie comes edged in 24-carat gold, and counts lobster, truffle oil and champagne as its ingredients.Serendipity-world-record-cheese-sandwich

There’s also the Haute Dog, which, when released in 2010, was the world’s most expensive hot dog at Dhs253. Served on a pretzel roll, the beef sausage comes with truffle butter, duck foie gras, caramelised Vidalia onions, heirloom tomato ketchup and Dijon mustard.


Oh, and then there’s the Wagyu beef burger with cave-aged cheddar cheese, black truffles, fried quail egg, Kaluga caviar, and a – wait for it – diamond encrusted toothpick. What will this set you back? Well in 2012 when it launched it cost Dhs1,100.


Yeah, we’re pretty sure this spot will fit right in here in Dubai.

And to finish things off here’s a bonus picture of Andy Warhol casually hanging outside the New York eatery (how cool, right?):