The English cricket team is currently in Dubai training for an October 13 test against Pakistan, and their social media account is full of photos of the lads looking well-and-truly sweaty in the heat (we’ve all been there, don’t worry).

From putting their elbows in buckets of ice to covering their heads and arms in wet towels, the team have been doing whatever they can to get through training in 40 degrees.

(All this just as we – Dubai residents – begin to start to go outside, deciding it’s cool enough to book an outdoor bootcamp again.)

“It is warm, and that’s something we need to get accustomed to,” said captain Alastair Cook of arriving early in Dubai to acclimatise.

Today, the team is training at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium – and while the high is only 37 degrees today, humidity is at a sweat-inducing 63 per cent.

Here are some pics of the team battling the heat: 

english cricket team in DubaiJonathan Bairstow cools off by dunking his elbows in ice (top tip – we’ll have to try that some time).  Photo: Facebook/EnglandCricket.

english cricket team in DubaiA fan gets a selfie with Alex Hales. 

english cricket team in DubaiStuart Broad employs the towel over head heat-busting trick during batting practice – a classic.  Photo: Getty.

english cricket team in DubaiAlthough we’ve never seen the duct-taped soggy towel draped over shoulders tactic before, which is sported here by Ben Stokes. Photo: Getty. 

english cricket team in DubaiSpent. Photo: Facebook/EnglandCricket.

english cricket team in DubaiLook, the lads appear to be so disoriented in the heat they’ve begun playing the wrong game mid-practice. Photo: Facebook/EnglandCricket.

– Who will you be cheering on come October 13 – Pakistan or England?