Zach King is an American Vine and YouTube star who has over 2 million Facebook fans. The key to his success? The eye-melting trickery he edits into his videos: unlike many shoddy Viners he always goes the extra mile, creating alchemy with a smartphone. His work has appeared on the Ellen Show, he’s won many awards and his 16 million-views-and-counting YouTube video Jedi cats is one of the greatest corners of the internet.

Well now he’s in Dubai, and he’s just posted this video that shows him hovering over – and then snatching – the Palm Jumeirah. After less than 24 hours online the video has already had over 40,000 views. Here it is:

Pretty amazing, huh? So how does he do it? Well it’s all about slick editing skills and some serious after-effects work: it definitely would have taken a lot longer than you think. In fact, King once said one single six-or-so-second Vine normally takes him 24 hours to edit.

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