Ever had a snowball fight in a shopping mall in the desert? Nope, us neither.

Now’s your chance as a huge snowball fight will be taking place on Thursday April 14 at Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates. They’re anticipating that a whopping 1,000 people will throw snow at each other on the day.

We’re not going to lie, it sounds seriously awesome, but be warned that the slots are given on a first come first served basis, so if you’re looking to take part make sure you turn up to the event early.

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In what we assume is an effort to wean out the younger ones from taking part (perhaps because some serious snowballers will rock up), the fight will be from 11pm to 2am. Snow shoes and warm clothes will be provided and the slopes will be cleared so you can get properly stuck into it without the worry of nailing some poor, unsuspecting skier as they whizz by.

Snowball fight dubai

The space spans 22,500 square metres and is filled with real snow, also there are plenty of places to take cover as you prepare your snowball strategy – with all of this, you can be sure that the snowball fight will be a solid three hours of mayhem.

While it’s not the biggest snowball fight in the world – with the record being 7,681 participants in Saskatoon, Canada in January this year – it’s the biggest to happen inside a shopping mall. Have a look at Saskatoon’s record-breaking battle…

Video: Vimeo/Preston Kanak

If you fancy yourself as a snowball pro, then perhaps you were destined for Yukigassen, a sport played in Japan. It translates literally from Japanese to English as “snow battle” and has turned snowball fighting into a professional sport (it sees over 100 teams competing annually to become world snowball champions). Pitting seven players against seven, each team is given 90 snowballs, and can win by either eliminating the other team’s players or by capturing their flag on the other side of the pitch. Check it out below…

Video: YouTube/Outside Television

Find out more about the snowball fight at the Facebook page. Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates. April 14, 11pm to 2am. Free. Tel: (800) 386. skidubai.com