Dubai is a multicultural city where we’re exposed to different cultures on a daily basis, whether through the people we meet or the food we eat.

If you’ve lived in Dubai a while, you’ll have seen brain fry on the menu – it’s a Pakistani delicacy that hails from Lahore in the Punjab province.

In some cultures, from South Asia to South America, brain is a standard part of a diet, but for many it’s considered a little more of a tastebud challenge.

We thought we’d put the tastebuds of expats of different cultures to the test so popped down to Muhammad Faisal restaurant in Deira and nabbed ourselves some of the legendary dish.

The verdict? It was varied…


There are a bunch of different ways to eat brain, whether it’s Brain Nihari, Brain Masala or in a classic Kata-kat. Brain Nihari, considered the national dish of Pakistan, is a stew of slow-cooked beef along with bone marrow served with a helping of cooked brain.

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Is it good to eat though? Nutrition-wise, brains are both protein-rich and high in fat, with a three-ounce serving offering up around 15 to 20 percent of your daily protein and fat intake. Brains are also crammed full of Vitamin B-12 as well as dense with minerals and antioxidants.

They are, however, super high in cholestorol, with one 140g serving containing roughly 12 times the recommended daily allowance. That’s not even considering the oils the brain is often cooked in.

Would you ever give brain a go?

Try it for yourself at: Muhammad Faisal Restaurant, 20th Street, Al Khabaisi, Deira. Daily 5am to 2am. Tel: (04) 2691900. 

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