Details of a fun new attraction in Downtown Dubai that’s completely free!

Those of you who walk down the steps from Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard to Burj Park regularly will have noticed a giant metal object slowly being erected down the slope toward the park.

Well that’s the Downtown Slide – a 19-metre long tube that’s mounted at a 30 degree angle and is seven metres tall at its highest point. You’ll find it right next to The Residences (arguably Downtown’s swankiest apartment blocks).

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Here’s what the slide looks like from the side:

downtown-sliePhoto: Instagram/Dubai_UAE_Guide

But surely sliding down a giant metal tube during a Dubai summer day would be truly unpleasant you’re thinking? That was our thought exactly, but this slide has state-of-the-art insulation that means the inside of the slide will always be kept cool (even in extreme temperatures). Phew.

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The slide will be open from 4pm to 1am, daily, and can be found in Burj Plaza, Downtown Dubai. And yes, using it is completely free of charge.

The slide is some consolation for the fact that the X-Line that shot people across the Dubai Fountain water is now closed for good.

Here’s a video that shows off the slide:

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