So yes, a huge movie theme-park is opening in Dubai in October, here’s what it’s looking like right now…

Dubai’s latest mega theme-park Dubai Parks & Resorts is opening this October, and one of the theme parks included in that complex is Motiongate – the Hollywood-themed park.

We’ve been psyched for Motiongate and Dubai Parks & Resorts ever since it was announced, and as the launch date looms closer, we though we’d go check the construction site.

We’re quite pleased to announce that it’s looking good folks…

A lot of the rollercoasters have been set up already, they’re merely missing carts and hoards of screaming thrill-seekers. The fountains are in place, they just need to be plugged in. A couple of things could use a lick of paint and there are still a few sets to go up – but it’s looking pretty on track to be completed within the next few months.

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We were given a tour by Guido Zucchi, Motiongate’s General Manager – who was visibly pumped for the park to open.

Motiongate is split into five sections: Sony Pictures Studios, Smurf Village, DreamWorks, Lionsgate and Studio Central.

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Zucchi is quite the theme-park enthusiast (well, he is the GM), so naturally we asked him what his favourite ride in the park was….

His answer? Ghostbusters: Battle For New York. Zucchi grew up with the original movies, so is unsurprisingly excited for the attraction.

The ride involves donning Proton Packs and hopping into trackless carts – so you have no idea where you’re going – as you blast your weapon at targets to try and save New York City from Gozer. There’s even a little scoreboard at the end so you can see how much better than your friends you are.

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Zucchi also told What’s On how one of his favourite parts of running a theme park isn’t the roller coasters, it’s the excitement in kids’ faces when they have their little minds blown.

“I love rollercoasters, but my favourite part is watching the reaction of kids experiencing everything. They’re living it. We get a thrill, but they get the magic.”

8 unique things we learnt from our trip…

– The indoor DreamWorks section is so large, it can fit five Airbus A380s inside, tip to toe.

– The columns of roller coasters are filled with sand. This reduces noise, and helps maintain the equilibrium of the coaster.

– Motiongate contains the largest Smurf-based zone in the world.

– The park will be the largest Hollywood-themed park in the Middle East, with Dubai Parks and Resorts costing Dhs10.5 billion to build and covering an area of 1.9 million square feet with 4 million square feet in total for their planned expansion.

– Many of the movie-themed rides have been selected because they have upcoming sequels, keeping them relevant.

– Candy Apple restaurant in the Shrek zone in DreamWorks will be the only full-service restaurant out of the total nine restaurants in the park.

– The Hotel Translyvania Beastro will be run by Quasimodo, who seems to have left Paris for the Dubai weather. Guests will also be invited to enjoy breakfast with the characters from Hotel Transylvania.

– Unlike the rest of the park, where each building represents something different – DreamWorks dedicates whole areas to different movies. When you walk into the Shrek zone, you really feel as if you’re in the swamp.

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