We all know Dubai is a place where you can enjoy the finer things in life, so it’s always good when someone agrees with us.

However this time, it’s not just someone – it’s award-winning British comedian Leigh Francis.

The stand-up and actor recently spent some time on the UAE’s shores, where he filmed an advert for UK telecommunications retailer, Carphone Warehouse.

But why choose Dubai for a commercial about the shop’s upgrade deals? Well, it’s where people “always get what they ask for”, he says.

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Using a variety of attractions as his backdrop, Francis – in character as his alter-ego Keith Lemon – makes his way around the emirate, one upgrade at a time, in the clip shared on Vimeo.

And he goes all out – think gold golf-ball launchers, gold 4x4s, gold buggies, and golden, er, sands.

The Bo’ Selecta star and Celebrity Juice host starts out in the desert, the Burj Khalifa looming in the background, before he trades in his camel for a glimmering SUV (that comes complete with sunglasses-wearing bird of prey, naturally).

If that wasn’t glam enough, he soon swaps it out for a golf-curtained cart at Emirates Golf Club – but sorry, you can’t really score a hole-in-one with a seven-valve gold ball shooter here.

But this one is the icing on the cake:

carphone warehouse keith lemon

Lemon ends up on a gold-plated boat, topped with a beach roof, palm trees, and a pool.

Forget phone packages, where do we find one of those?

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Images: Screen grab/ Vimeo/ Jack Beardsley