Scared of heights? This may not be for you… Here’s what the odd but kind of awesome looking Dubai Steps project will look like.

Remember how Dubai Municipality announced six future projects earlier this year? Well one of those was the ‘Dubai Steps’, and more information has just come out about the striking mountain-like-building.

We now know that the steps will soar 100 metres above the ground, and will likely be built near Union Square on the Deira side of the Creek. That’s not confirmed however as the Municipality is currently seeking out the ideal site, so the Steps may also go somewhere else near Dubai Creek or near the Dubai Marina.

Plus, despite looking quite unlike anything else we’ve ever seen, Dubai Municipality told Emarat Al Youm that the steps will only take a year to construct (once construction starts, that is, and that date still hasn’t been set).

dubai-steps-2The distinct design will have a small footprint on the ground, but the site it’s built on will need plenty of space around it due to the unusual angle. 

Once finished there will be 500 steps to climb on the tower, and so it will be an attraction for both tourists and those wanting to get fit (there’s nothing like a vertical run to boost fitness, and it’s not like hills dot the Dubai landscape).

Climbing the attraction will be like walking up a 25-storey building, and the Municipality imagines that it will be a perfect location for many new types of races and sporting events in the city.

Also, there will be rest stops and attractions after every 100 steps so that people can take a break mid-climb (our quads are already hurting in anticipation).


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