As far as surprise reveals go, this one’s definitely a goodie.

Freestyle Football experts FC Dubai’s latest video features more keepy uppies and foot flicks then you can shake a stick at – however it’s not their skills with a ball that left the crowd stunned.

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Taking place just outside of Deira’s Gold Souk, the clip shows crowds gathering to watch FC Dubai’s freestylers flaunt their talents.

However, the video reaches its climax as a woman dressed in full abaya puts down her groceries. Onlookers appear perplexed as she picks up the ball and stares at it.

Is she going to confiscate it? Is she going to complain about this street-crowding stunt? No – instead she unleashes an arsenal of football skills that make Ronaldo look like an amateur.

Check out the video here:

We’re still not sure what we enjoyed more though – the initial surprise, or how she proceeds to take on members of the crowd, prancing around the ball like Cinderella before midnight.

We particularly love how after taking on and beating members of the crowd, she just picks up her shopping and walks away.

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However, the woman under the abaya was not just some random grocery shopper, it’s French national Melody Donchet – two-time freestyle football world champion.

Here’s a compilation of some of Donchet’s skills:

The man in Middle Eastern dress who appears before Donchet is Zaid Issawi, Jordan’s freestyle football champion.

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