Walk down any Dubai street and you’ll hear many different accents (and this local comedian clearly has a good ear for them).

A Syrian comedian who lives in Dubai is becoming a viral hit thanks to his spot on

Dubai’s a diverse city, and there are a whole bunch of different nationalities (and accents) among the population.

Budding social media star Shadi Tohme, or ‘Mad Shadz’, is using this to his advantage.

Since January, the 27-yeard old Syrian’s Facebookpage has gone from 3,000 likes to just under 20,000. All thanks to a video showcasing Shadi’s accent impersonations.

The budding comedian covers everything from American to British and Indian to Filipino, as well as different variations of the Arab accent.

Many of the accents are absolutely spot on, particularly the accents that are most common in Dubai (although the British and Australian are both a touch shaky). Here are two of his most viral videos…

“Before I knew I possessed any talent, I just did it for fun. I would imitate teachers and friends. I was known as ‘the guy that does impressions’,” Shadi told Gulf News.

Shadi currently lives in Dubai and works as a channel marketing manager at Microsoft.

“At first I was worried that people would take the video negatively like I was making fun of a certain nationality, but I pretty much covered every nationality so no one can say I am discriminating.”

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However, it’s not just his accent videos that have garnered attention…

Here are some of Mad Shadz’ other funny videos:

Different types of dancers

6 different impersonations

Different types of dancers in Lebanon

See more of Mad Shadz on his Facebook page here.

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Images: Facebook/MadShadz