Ever wondered where your fast food comes from? Well, now’s your chance to find out.

In an effort to promote transparency, McDonald’s UAE has launched something they’re calling the Open Door programme.

The initiative allows customers to take a free, onsite tour of the McDonald’s kitchens. 

No, you can’t just go marching into the back demanding to see how a double cheese gets whipped up – you’ll have to book your tour on the McDonald’s Arabia website.


Well, over the years, McDonald’s may have gotten a bad rep.

Yes, the food is delicious. No, it’s not always mega-healthy.

However, it seems McDonald’s is trying to shed its ‘only serves greasy food’ stereotype by showing the public just how darn clean their kitchens are.

mcdonalds uae

‘I don’t know what any of these machines do. I’ve just been Photoshopped in here.’

Eighty-one McDonald’s restaurants are taking part across the UAE, with the tour educating customers about the franchise’s food safety and hygiene practices.

Can’t make the tour? If you head to McDonald’s Arabia’s website you can make a virtual visit to the kitchens, where there’s information on food storage, safety and hygiene procedures.

mcdonald's tour

Rafic Fakih, Managing Director and Partner at McDonald’s UAE, said: “We have always strived to be as transparent as possible with our customers who have a basic right to know what they are eating, so that they can make informed and balanced food choices that support their lifestyles.”

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If kitchen tours don’t interest you, but burgers do – you’ll be pleased to hear that Wendy’s will be giving away 100 burgers on October 24 in three of their restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

From 4pm to 6pm on October 24, you can choose between the Dave’s Hot ‘N’ Juicy, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich or the Veggie Burger.

Why? Well, Wendy’s are pretty happy about the fact that they’ve recently upgraded to 100 per cent Angus beef in all their burgers.

It’s first come first served though.

Check out which locations are taking part on the Wendy’s website.

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