Sick of slow internet on your phone? We’ve got some good news…

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a YouTube video while plagued with sporadic buffering.

Thanks to the folks at Etisalat, that may soon cease to be a problem.

The completion of the MENA region’s first 5G mobile technology live trial was completed by Etisalat during Gitex last week, and it offered a peak speed of a whopping 36 gigabytes per second

For reference, that means you could download Nicolas Cage classic National Treasure 42 times in one second.

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“We don’t need faster internet, we need to steal the Declaration of Independence.”


All that most of us know about 3G and 4G is that it allows us to connect to the internet.

Well, 5G will allow for the same thing, allowing for people to send texts, make calls, upload and download files but at far higher speeds.

On top of that, 5G will make even more room for all the internet-connected devices in our day-to-day life.

This means that the 5G network will not only provide great internet speeds, but will help facilitate the use of smart vehicles, transport and infrastructure as well as allow for the control of remote devices.

As tech magazine Gizmodo put it, “Imagine upgrading your data connection from a garden hose to a fire hose.”

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Considering the UAE has the highest level of smart phone penetration at 73.8 per cent, 5G will be a welcome addition.

“The new 5G network will help Etisalat cope with the massive digital content explosion anticipated in the next few years.

“Our field test at Gitex this year is a significant step in validating the performance of 5G in high frequency bands,” said Etisalat.


5G is expected to be deployed by 2020, however with tests looking successful, it’s believed that the technology could be ready to go as early as 2018.

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