We have no clue how Al Wasl managed to get their fans to pull this off so well. Is this the best mannequin challenge in the UAE so far?

Have you seen the mannequin challenge that’s been spreading around the internet? The premise is pretty simple. Well, it doesn’t require you to do much at all, in fact.

All you’ve got to do is round up a bunch of buddies, freeze in place and then post the result on the internet.

We love this one from a recent match of local football team Al Wasl Dubai.

It’s not the players that steal the show, it’s their fans. We have no clue how they managed to get their fans to pull it off so well.

Check out the video below… Wait until the end.

A video posted by بوخليفة (@dxb9910) on

Here are some different angles of the (rather remarkable) feat.

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We spotted a couple of tidbits of movement in this one, but overall, pretty well played.

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Another version… Can you spot anybody blinking?


The Al Wasl football team’s home ground is the Zabeel Stadium near Wafi Mall. But if you’re looking to catch a game, bear in mind they may move around depending on whether they’re playing home or away.

zabeel stadium

This is the team that was coached by ex-Argentinian player and football legand Diego Maradona, so they’ve got their act together.

A schedule for the team’s upcoming games can be found on their website here.

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