Dubai’s new speed cameras are extra tricky…

Thought you were being sneaky by slowing down past speed cameras, only to speed up afterwards? Well, we’ve got some bad news for you (but some good news for road safety).

The Dubai Traffic Police have released an updated version of their radars, which will detect drivers who speed on the roads between speed cameras.

How? By calculating the average speed of the car between the two speed cameras.

To break it down – radar one tags your car, so that radar two can calculate the amount of time it took your car to get to it.

car dubai

Got there a little too quick? Then you must have been speeding between the two cameras.

It hasn’t yet been mentioned when exactly the radars will be implemented, however Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of the Dubai Traffic Police has been testing them out on the Dubai to Hatta road.

“This enforcement solution has been proven to be very effective.

“It has been noticed around the world that average speed enforcement improves driver behaviour, which noticeably reduces traffic deaths and serious injuries,” Al Mazroui told Gulf News. 

“As the vehicle’s speed is monitored throughout, speeding between cameras will no longer be an issue, which will ensure smoother traffic flow.”

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Well, there are the cameras in Dubai, dubbed the Al Burj cameras that can spot you on your mobile phone. 

Oh, and they can also nab you for seatbelt offenses. Tailgating too – even illegal overtaking, tailgating and driving on hard shoulders.

“But we still see people doing it!” we hear you say.

Yeah, some people aren’t bothered about the cameras.

That’s not to say they don’t work. Since being installed, the Al Burj radars caught around 50,000 violators in 2015 alone. 

Just try to make sure you’re not one of them…

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