Buried treasure, bumper cars, big rapids and billions of bricks – the gates are officially open at Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park.

Where in the world can you ride a dragon, build a river raft, earn your driver’s licence and find a pot of buried treasure in just one day?

As it turns out, right here in the UAE at Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park, the brand new theme park at Dubai Parks And Resorts.

Split into five main sections – Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and Miniland – Legoland Dubai has more than 40 different rides, from hair-raising (and fire-breathing) roller coasters to glow-in-the- dark interactive adventure quests and Kid Power Towers, where children can hoist their parents up in the air.

Check out the video below:

While the park is officially open, a few of the rides are still closed. So if you’re looking forward to the The Dragon roller coaster, Beetle Bounce, Submarine Adventure or Wave Racers, you may want to wait a little while.


You can also join a factory tour and find out how Lego is made, while little Lego fans can earn their licence in Lego-built cars or learn to steer brick-shaped bumper boats at Lego City.

Legoland Dubai marks the seventh theme park of its kind; the first opened in Denmark in 1968, followed by Legoland Windsor in 1996, then California, Germany, Florida, and, most recently Malaysia in 2012.

At the heart of every Legoland, Miniland features some of greatest creations built by Lego professionals. Get ready to see over 20 million bricks transformed into mini landmarks from around the Middle East and beyond.

legoland dubai

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits – just next door is Legoland Water Park, which, sadly, is designed for children aged two to 12. There’s a gigantic wave pool with loads of  Lego floats, a build-your-own-raft river and a Duplo play area for toddlers.

See you in toy town!

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1. The Lego name is made from the first two letters of the Danish words leg godt, meaning
‘play well’

2. Lego is 84 years old. It was first created in 1932 by a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen

3. On average, every person on Earth owns 86 Lego bricks

4. Laid end to end, the number of Lego bricks sold in 2012 would stretch round the world more than 18 times

The Dragon roller coaster

5. To reach the moon you would need to build a column of around 40 billion Lego bricks

6. Each mini figure is exactly four bricks high without a hat

7. The first mini figure was produced in 1978. Since then more than four billion have been made

8. A typical 2×4 brick can withstand more than 37,000 impacts. No wonder standing on a Lego brick hurts so much…

Dubai Parks & Resorts, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jebel Ali, Dubai, daily 10am to 6pm, Dhs395, Dhs350 under-11s. Tel: (800) 2629464. Taxi: Dubai Parks & Resorts. legoland.com/dubai

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