Thought Dubai emergency services couldn’t get any cooler? Well…

There’s always a rumour or two circulating around Dubai, with details of outlandish, futuristic ways in which to improve life in the city.

Robot cops? We’ve all heard that one. Rotating skyscrapers? That was a weird one.

Firemen using jetpacks? Well, it seems they’ve finally cracked it.

Dubai Media Office have released a new video showing a fireman using a water-based jetpack to tackle a blaze.

No, it’s not some mega jetpack that turns you into a human drone – you won’t see firemen flying up the side of skyscrapers to tackle a 30th-storey blaze.

The jetpack is more jet-shoes, or a Flyboard, to be precise.

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Using water pressure generated by an attached jet ski, the piece of equipment shoots water out of the bottom of the Flyboard at high pressure to raise the fireman into the sky.

In the video, the fireman can be seen tackling the blaze from the water as opposed to from the road, which Dubai Media Office says forms part of “an innovative early response firefighting service” nicknamed Dolphin.

Is getting there by water faster than by road? We’re not sure. It looks rad, though, and the new initiative will make tackling boat fires and shoreline buildings a lot more easier.

Lt Col Ali Al Mutawa, head of operations at Dubai Civil Defence, mentioned that floating firestations may be on the way soon to Dubai Canal, allowing emergency services to tackle nearby blazes with ease, The National reports.

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Images: Dubai Media Office