Yes, there’s going to be an actual sports tournament inside Dubai Opera…

Love a bit of squash? No, not the butternut kind. The sports variety. Well, the good news is that the 2017 Professional Squash Association (PSA) Dubai World Series Finals are set to be held at the Dubai Opera from June 6 to 10.

From Placido Domingo to paddles, this event will be the first ever sporting event to be staged at the Dubai Opera.

Even if you’re not really into the squash scene, it’s a fast-paced game (with simple rules) so a pretty exciting watch.

The 2,000-seat venue will likely get heated when the action kicks off, we don’t know how the seating will work yet but we’ll let you know when we do.

“Squash is one of the most exciting and enjoyable participant and spectator sports in the world,” said Jasper Hope, Chief Executive of Dubai Opera.

“Dubai Opera’s stage has already played host to some of the greatest artists and productions from around the world and for our first ever sporting event we are very excited to be able to welcome the world’s squash elite for the culmination of their season.”

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The PSA Dubai World Series Finals tournament will see the world’s best eight male and female ranked players compete to determine who will be the winner of the 2016/17 season.

Each player has accumulated points at every PSA World Series tournament in nine locations around the world before reaching the finals in Dubai.

“Is is a privilege for our players to have the distinction and opportunity to play in such an iconic arena,” said PSA Chairman Ziad Al Turki.


While tickets are not yet available, you will soon be able to purchase them from Dubai Opera’s website for the event which is taking place from June 6 to 10.

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